John Pointer

There is no doubt that John Pointer was present when a man named Blue was killed in the Choctaw Nation on September 10, 1872. The extent of his involvement in that death is less clear.

According to Pointer, an 18-year old Seminole, the fatal incident began when his companion, Sam McGee, declared his intention to kill Blue, a white drover who was passing by. Pointer says he opposed that plan and fled the scene.

Pointer was arrested; he claims that McGee used his connections to protect himself and implicate Pointer.

Pointer was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. Along with two other men, both of whom were Choctaw, he was hanged on April 3, 1874.

New York Times, April 13, 1874

Author: Bill Lofquist

I am a sociologist and death penalty scholar at the State University of New York at Geneseo. I am also a Pittsburgh native. My present research focuses on the history of the death penalty in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh), Pa. This website is dedicated to collecting, analyzing, and sharing information about all Allegheny County cases in which a death sentence was imposed. Please share any questions or comments, errors or omissions, or other matters of interest related to these cases or to the broader history of the death penalty in Allegheny County.

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